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Raid On Area 51

Millionen Spaßvögel wollten am Freitag die US-Militäranlage Area 51 stürmen. Nach Warnungen der Behörden wird es nur ein Musikfestival. Raid Area 51 – The Can't Stop Us All Slogan mit Alien-Kopf, 3D-Schicht-Design, buntes Design; Hakenrückseite zur Befestigung an der Ausrüstung. Aliens Raid Area 51 Edelstahl-Isolierreisebecher mit Deckelladetassen Isolierkaffeetasse: Küche & Haushalt.

Area 51 Raid: Stürmen heute 2,1 Millionen Menschen das Sperrgebiet?

Im Juli postete der Student Matty Roberts einen Beitrag auf seinem Facebook- Account, in dem er dazu aufrief, zusammen das militärische. Nevada wappnet sich für den Area 51 Raid, der angeblich heute stattfinden wird. Schon vor dem großen Event wurden zwei Touristen festgenommen, die sich. Area 51 ist ein militärisches Sperrgebiet im südlichen Nevada (USA) im Besitz der United States Air Force und des US-amerikanischen.

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Thousands attend Area 51 events in Nevada desert

Raid On Area 51 Roberts is referring to AlienStock and Storm Area 51 Basecamp, two "music festivals" that capitalize on the popularity of the original Facebook event. The two gatherings are hosted in Las Vegas and. Area 51 is a secret U.S. Air Force military installation that is located at Groom Lake, Nevada. There’s a website for the Area 51 raid, which you can see here. The event was originally called. In this riveting documentary, survivors of the raid on Area 51 give a first hand account on what really took place that day.» Get your Rooster Teeth merch. If Facebook event RSVPs mean anything, nearly , people will be meeting under the cover of darkness and storming the notoriously secretive Area 51 on Friday, September 20, because sometimes. "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us", commonly referred to as Raid Area 51, Storm Area 51, or Area 51 Raid, was an American Facebook event that took place on September 20, , at Area 51, a United States Air Force facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range. The event, created by Matty Roberts on June 27, , would involve raiding the site in a search for extraterrestrial life that conspiracy lore claims may be concealed inside. More than 2 million people responded "going" and 1. 9/21/ · Area 51 Raid: How a Town of 40 Coped With an Invasion Nobody actually rushed the top-secret military base. “We just wanted to see people like us,” one visitor said. 9/20/ · The Area 51 raid was started by a Facebook event that went viral. The page reads, “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. 9/24/ · I had expected most Area 51 Stormers to be conspiracy theorists, 4chan types, or people on the fringe political spectrum, but a lot – probably most – were normies on a lark, or foreigners in Author: J Oliver Conroy.

Who is going to raid Area 51? The all-important question of any Facebook event: Who is going to be there? Well, it seems like a pretty good mix given there are nearly 1 million people who claim to be planning to attend.

The pinned post in the event broke down attendees into three helpful groups: the naruto runner battalions a reference to anime ninja Naruto Uzumaki , the rock throwers, and the Kyles a reference to the meme series depicting all people named Kyle as Monster-energy-drinking, dry-wall-punching fiends.

What if I just came here to see the Area 51 raid memes? We got you covered. AreaMemes51 July 14, Tomorrow, He Is Se After the Department of Justice announced plans to speedily execute five people before President Trump leaves office, advocates have created an uproar over.

Who Are The Oath Keepers? Getting to the actual entrance to Area 51 took another 20 minutes of driving on an unmarked, unpaved road.

Clouds of chalk billowed behind the cars coming and going. At the end of the road was a drab military checkpoint flanked by concertina wire and threatening signs.

The sign prohibiting photography was clearly a dead letter. They seemed relaxed, though, and looked like they were having as good a time as the ostensible Stormers.

After all, this was an excuse for them to hang out at Area 51, too. To my knowledge, no one actually raided Area 51, besides the two Dutch YouTubers who had tried to sneak through the perimeter two weeks earlier and ended up in jail instead.

In addition to YouTube vloggers and Instagram influencers, there were more than a few actual journalists. Watching them scurry around diligently with tape recorders reminded me that I needed to find a Quirky Character who could give On-Scene Color.

A talkative UFO buff would be ideal but the other journalists had already claimed most of the good ones. The vloggers loved them, and the Pepes enjoyed mugging for the cameras.

Under their frog heads, the Pepes were two young Latino guys from California. The other nodded in recognition but claimed he just thought the symbol was fun.

Tendrils of fog hung over Alienstock. The temperature was dropping fast and the sun was low and pink in the sky.

The sunset was sublime but I had a long drive to my motel ahead and a sick feeling that I should have left half an hour ago.

I bade farewell to the history podcaster. He reminded me that the area was open grazing land. It was time to get back to civilization, I decided.

Or at least Las Vegas. I stopped at the gas station in Alamo, near Rachel. The town felt hungover, and it still had a day to go.

Most of the locals seemed unsure quite how to feel about the whole thing. It was a boon to the local economy, yes, but also a financial disaster for the county government.

There were rumors that the district attorney was planning to sue Connie West, or Matty Roberts, or even Facebook.

CBS News. Zemler, Emily July 17, Rolling Stone. Maxouris, Christina July 17, And his new 'Old Town Road' music video proves it".

It's called 'Storm the Church Vault. The Salt Lake Tribune. Retrieved August 17, Know Your Meme. July 15, Business Insider. September 22, Weston, Phoebe September 22, Associated Press.

August 20, Retrieved August 22, But it's a mystery as to how many will show up". Los Angeles Times. Wayt, Theo September 11, NBC News.

Retrieved December 4, Retrieved July 22, Fast Company. Kim, Allen July 18, Moreira, Gabrielle July 17, Getty A photo of the Area 51 raid. So, did anyone actually show up for the Area 51 Raid that was a big viral craze during the summer?

After all, more than 2 million alien enthusiasts said they were interested in storming the gates of the secret Nevada military base, and the date has arrived.

PDT on September 20, The raid was supposed to end at 6 a. Journalists at the scene said that, at most, a couple hundred people showed up.

One Las Vegas newspaper put the number at about people. There were some entertaining live videos that popped up, though. Photos from the scene give a sense of the crowd.

Some people wore spacesuits. Some people wore tinfoil hats literally. Some people carried inflatable aliens. Some people let inflatable aliens carry them.

According to the Guardian, more people showed up for various alien festivals tied to the raid than were at the actual raid, estimating that number at about 1,

Es begann als spaßige Aktion: Student Matty Roberts rief auf Facebook dazu auf, am September das militärische Sperrgebiet Area 51 zu. Nevada wappnet sich für den Area 51 Raid, der angeblich heute stattfinden wird. Schon vor dem großen Event wurden zwei Touristen. Nevada wappnet sich für den Area 51 Raid, der angeblich heute stattfinden wird. Schon vor dem großen Event wurden zwei Touristen festgenommen, die sich. 2 Millionen Menschen wollte die Geheimnisse der Air Force Basis in Nevada enthüllen. Die Anwesenden feierten aber nur eine große Party. Weitere Beiträge zu den Themen. Es gibt mindestens eine weitere asphaltierte Start- und Landebahn einige Kilometer Don Promillo im alten See. Für Wochen wurden ganze Internetgemeinden vom Alien-Wahnsinn befallen.
Raid On Area 51 The Independent. Retrieved September 20, Lg Ulm The crowds have started to arrive! September 19, An attendee is detained then Roulette Wahrscheinlichkeiten after briefly physically crossing a security Dapd. Just days after the public Phil Ivey made aw. Ezekiel's Wheel circa — B. Roberts urged people to go there instead. After a year of record violence at Fort Hood inarmy leaders have announced that they are firing or suspending 14 officers and enlisted soldiers at t. Know Your Meme. The Washington Post questioned what would happen if public intrigue were to supersede the obvious joking tone of the post. Sign Up Now. You can unsubscribe at any time. After the raid, Keith Wright, a promoter for the Area 51 Basecamp event, stated the event was a failure. Roberts and West pressed on. They were trying to Daumen Sind Gedrückt the concert Rugby Trikot Südafrika to get added to the billing.

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Theoretisch könnten ähnliche Massenveranstaltungen auch in Deutschland Chaos verbreiten.


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