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Average length of honeymoon

There are many decisions to make while planning your wedding. Is it ideal, though? You're not wrong, but it didn't take the number 1 spot. Each detail begs for your attention right away. This gives you time to do research. How much does the average couple budget for their honeymoon?

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  1. Apr 17, - Couples spend an average of $4, on their honeymoon. That's three times as much as the average U.S. adult spends on a vacation. Luxury honeymooners, which account for 15% of the market, spend an average of $9, and vacation for 11 days. The average honeymoon will cost 14 percent of the wedding budget.

  2. Mar 30, - Jermaiine and I was thinking that our honeymoon should be six days five photoclubcachan.com sister in law stated that was not long photoclubcachan.com much are you spending on your honeymoon?

  3. Sep 17, - Weddings can get costly quickly, and it's tempting to take it out of the honeymoon budget. But think about it: The typical wedding ceremony lasts six hours. How long is a honeymoon, on the other hand? Typically, it's the honeymoon usually lasts 10 to 14 days.

  4. Just traveling in general, I don't like to be gone too long. days on average. Anything longer than that and I just want to get home. I really appreciate the.

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